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Bidding ends Friday, December 6, 2019  |  5:00 PM Central
Auction closed.


Bidding ends Friday, December 6, 2019  |  5:00 PM Central
Auction closed.
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This Online Auction is one money takes all! If you previously bid on any lots in the auction, it has now been revamped to high bidder takes entire contents of garage! 

If you have a Zest for Mystery, Crave the Thrill of the Unknown, or if the Element of Surprise Tantalizes your Taste Buds, do we have something NEW for YOU. This Online Auction is a real Guessing 'Grab Bag'; Why not take a chance, you never know what you may get?

This Estate Auction is full of intrigue and has gifts that will keep on giving. Beautiful mirrors, cozy furniture and exquisite outdoor items are just some of the things we have for you.

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Closed Lots

**Please note, if you are the winning bidder, you are responsible for removal of every item in

Lot # 101      

**Please note, if you are the winning bidder, you are responsible for removal of every item in garage. 
Entire contents of garage to include: 

1 Desk, 1 Tan Recliner, 2 Mirrors, 2 corner Stands with shelves, 1 high Kitchen table, 2
wooden Kitchen chairs (1 with weak back), Hanging Ironing board, 4 high wooden chairs with
pads (1 chair broken), 2 plant stands (1 small), 2 door gray cabinet, 1 step stool (2 steps) 1
couch with chair sofa set, 9 various sized wicker baskets, 6 dead plants in large ceramic
containers & 1 very sm. hanging dead plant, 2 electric irons, 9 various small - large glass vases,
18 Pictures / wood canvas wall deco, frame, glass, 1 love seat, 1 red velvet Massage chair,
1 huge exercise machine, Yoga mat, 2 set Dumbbells, 1 stand with 4 shelves, 18 used candles
/some in small votive glass holders, 1 salt lamp, 1 leather couch and chair set (worn), 9 various
size empty wine bottle, 3 sprays plastic flower stems, 2 crock pots- 1 large and 1 small without
insert, 1 Toaster, 1 can opener, 1 food blender, 3 bowls, 4 cookie sheets, 2 cupcake pans, 5
wooden cutting boards, 1 pink pot, 1 dog feeder, 2 strainers (1 plastic), Box of miscellaneous
utensils (folk, knives, spoons, spatulas), 1 old Net Gear router with cords, 1 coffee holder, 6
expresso shot glasses, 1 set plastic measuring spoons, 3 kitchen towels, 4 place mats, 4 ceramic
cups (3 with broken handles), 1 small colorful tin box with lid, open bottle rubbing alcohol/open
furniture polish/open bath soap, 4 small bottles essential oils ,1 paper towel rack,
259 various clothes hangers, 1 washer/ 1 dryer, 2 square electric fans, 2 blankets, 1 scenic
picture framed, 2 opened bottles honey, 1 un-opened box cheez-it,1 can whole white corn, 1- 16
oz French vanilla foam topping, dog treats, training pads, electric clippers, vet meds, Dog basket
full of dog toys, 1 small glass jar with shells, 11 sheets, 21 pillow cases, 6 towels, 1 small
pillow with case, I coffee table, 9 bed pillows 2 bed comforters, 1 bed protector cover, 1 queen
mattress, 2 twin box springs, 2 wooden end tables, 2 small floor rugs, 1 shower curtain, pair
patio curtains, 6 Holiday miniature string lights, 1 rod iron picture holder, 2 red Christmas
stockings, 3 clay bowls, 1 food dehydrator, 1 power chopper in box, 2 coffee makers, 1 glass
cake pan, 1 pie pan, 1 pizza pan, 1 silver mixing bowl, 1 oven pan with drainer?, 1 glass 2 qt
pitcher, wicker container full of miscellaneous spices, 2 partially glass wine/oil mixers, big bag
assorted plastic containers, 14 drink coasters/ 24 koozies, 1 cooking thermometer, 1 metal
measuring cup with handle, 27 wine glasses-assorted sizes, 20 glass/plastic assorted cups and
glasses, 4 glass mugs. 2 large/2 x large, 2 ceramic bowls diff sizes, spray bottle, 8 various
colored threads and a needle, 1 large dark serving tray, 1 small microwave, 1 bed frame, 1
short chest with broken drawers, 3 toss pillows, 1 med plastic storage box full of books, 3
plastic floor mats, 1 plastic floor plant/1 artificial tree plant/plastic tree stand (bad Shape). 1
electric tall ceramic element, broken pieces ceramic, 6 small buckets with dry clay, ceramic box
of miscellaneous, 9 green buckets containing dried clay mixture, 1 kitty plastic swimming pool,
1 small metal garbage container, 1 metal 3-tired dish, 1 wire brown pumpkin, 1 set green
sugar/creamer set, 3- opened laundry liquid soaps-only 1 lid, 1 door rug/ 1 door mat, 1 electric
vacuum, 1 push mower, 1 small folding table, Large metal shelf, 5 coats, 6 scarfs, 2 pair gloves,
1 pair rubber boots, 2 hats, 52 tops, 28 dresses, 13 sweaters, 5 pants, 45 shoes/boots, 18
purses/bags, 1 wallet, 3 jackets, 8 tube tops, 17 skirts/shorts, 3 robes, 30 pair socks/mismatched,
26 swimsuits tops/bras in 1 backpack, 19 children/small tops and pants, miscellaneous box of
make-up and lotion supplies. 1 large suitcase, 1 small Black suitcase. 1 blue suitcase with
jewelry box and small brown cardboard box containing / men?s watch, 9 belts, 20 pairs earrings,
6 necklaces, 14 bracelets, 1 ring set in box, Outdoor patio items: 1 propane grill, metal decorative
ornaments, plastic rock-looking water decorative item, 2 metal plant stands, 2 basket style plant
stands, 1 tall stand / sundial type item, 3 piece white/cream decorative ornaments.

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